Introducing Untitled-INC

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Frank Henning Ritz
Frank Henning RitzAuthor
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CEO Ritz Engineering GmbH

Untitled-INC is a distributed economy think tank and venture launch pad.

We are organized as network and our members are experienced professionals and domain experts.

Untitled-INC understands the emerging blockchain space holistically – ranging from the technology to its implications on business and society – and use our collective know-how to launch ventures and initiatives and deliver high impact projects:

  • Advantum Partners
  • CoinMarketReg
  • Blockchain Research Accelerator
  • Untitled Investment Expertise
  • Blockchain Disrupt Meetup

We are co-founder of these excellent group of experts. Co-working and networking is the common style.

We are all dedicated to topics around blockchain and understand this not as a hype, but as a general chance to design a part of the future.

Don’t trust a hype.