Project Description

Who is Untitled-INC group

Untitled-INC   •   Experts, Consultant, Blockchain

Untitled-INC is a distributed economy think tank and venture launch pad.

We are organized as network and our members are experienced professionals and domain experts.

We understand the emerging blockchain space holistically – ranging from the technology to its implications on business and society – and use our collective know-how to launch ventures and initiatives and deliver high impact projects.

New and complex technologies need a multidisciplinary team to solve problems

What is Untitled-INC and what is our role ?

Current ventures and initiatives include:

  • Advantum Partners –
    • Distributed Economy Experts
    • Use Case Consulting
    • ICO Advisory
    • Investment Advisory
  • CoinMarketReg –
    • Linking the crypto economy to local jurisdictions
  • Blockchain Research Accelerator –
    • Connecting academia , the blockchain eco system and the real economy
  • ICO 360 –
    • A method and toolset to identify and develop quality ICO’s for investors
  • Blockchain Disrupt –
    • a meetup group initiated by our Berlin hub for events covering the space

We connect Untitled-INC to Switzerland and institutions like Trustsqare, Zurich and Cryptovalley Association, Zug. The exchange of informations, results and ideas in very important in this rapid growing and changing disruptive business area.

We are members of Cryptovalley Association, Zug and intend to stay at Trustsquare and Technopark Zurich with a working space. These important institutions are important for us to exchange, market, sale and grow.

We are the technology and IoT oriented part, where software and products are developed and implemented.