Project Description

Sono Sion improvements

eMobility   •   Photovoltaik   •   Sensors   •   LoRa  •   Datamarket

The Sono Sion is the first mass-produced vehicle whose batteries can be charged by sunlight.

The Sono Sion will be manufactured in Trollhättan, Sweden in the former Saab factory by contract manufacturer NEVS starting in spring 2020. The battery will be supplied by automotive supplier Elring-Klinger, the electric powertrain will be from the tire and automotive supplier Continental and the control unit for all data connections with the outside world are supplied by the automotive supplier Bosch.

The Sion includes many innovations, such as, for example, solar panels on the body, an App that can be used to share the car for individuals rides, the battery’s energy, or the open source construction, where service can be provided in each garage; Spare parts come by courier or can be individually manufactured or 3D printed self.

Our vehicle with the number #3912 will be manufactured in the Q1.2020.

Our Equipment

You want a vehicle that you can use in case studies and that already contains all the necessary sensors and data concentrators and that can also transfer these data via LoRaWAN and Bluetooth or WiFi directly to your service API or IOTA, Streamr.
The vehicle is largely open source; Our solutions are too. We offer the following measurements and evaluations:

  • Position, direction of movement and speed and acceleration
  • Movement profiles (crash, acceleration, destabilization pattern)
  • Motor Power and energy cycles
  • Battery cycles (charging, consumption, regeneration)
  • Temperature, humidity, air pressure, light supply, light angle in the vehicle and outside
  • Number of passengers
  • Heating, Cooling and air cycles
  • Dedicated device power and energy consumption

This data can be visualized in a Dashboard, placed over time as well as over a map (Google, OSM).

Use Cases

Universities and research institutes as well as insurance companies, associations and energy efficiency employees in the eMobility environment can use the vehicle in its uniqueness directly for projects; in particular, if technical knowledge does not exist to equip a vehicle accordingly or the required lead time does not exist.


All software and hardware are under the MIT license and CC-BY-SA and are fully available to users.

The vehicle can be rented monthly and has to be returned in the state of takeover.

Excluded from this is the software equipment of the data concentrator and the communication, which typically contains the specific adjustments to the customers system. This system will be resetted to default and initialized by us for each customer individually.

ICT Equipment

The sensors are all Arduino / ESP32 (WROOM) / ESP8699 technologies. The development system is the Arduino IDE.

As a standard we offer the cheap open source PREM Mainflux ( IoT platform, which can be hosted on your own Linux / Apache 2.0 servers.

The data concentrator is a Raspberry Zero W. We focus on C ++, node.JS and MongoDB. LoRaWAN is the TTN network.

More technical details are written in the Engineering & IoT section.