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  • Business Analyse – Projekte bei der ESTV beendet

    Situationsklärungen für die Entwicklung und den Betrieb von Fachanwendungen der ESTV (Eidgen. Steuerverwaltung). Situationsklärungen sind erste Untersuchungen, Fachanwendungen zu entwickeln oder zu modernisieren und sind vor dem Projekt durchzuführen.

  • New “The Things Network” Gateway @ Technopark Zurich

    We joined the TTN and provide a multichannel LoRaWAN Gateway around the Technopark Zurich. We are engaged in the IoT world, use LoRaWAN to connect our products and provide this now a for all LoRaWAN / TTN users around.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    The identified areas of our work can be abstract covered by: Wearable devices for visually impaired people, Systems that generate, distribute and store decentralized energy efficiently, IoT as a general means to support efficiency in creation, growth and transport of goods and mobility, sometimes to manifest the value chain and truth with blockchain means.

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