It takes 50 million to get the Sion on the road.

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Sono Motors needs € 50 Mio.

Sono Motors needs € 50 Mio. and finds the way to finance again with the community.

Sono Motors needs € 50 Mio and finds the way to finance again with the community. Late, the prospective, further investors were been said “goodbye”. The path is good, it is open and honest, transparent and independent. But there is no time to collect enough. Here is a short info about the Sion.


Another problem is that when looking for investors, the transparency towards the community was only recently found again and has been left behind for too long because of the investor negotiations. A further 200 million will be needed at the end of 2020 after the vehicle has passed through the prototype phase now to be financed (acceptance, crash tests, etc.) and can be produced per order.

Watch the video below. It contains everything you need to know.

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What are the challenges and benefits

There are those who are now upgrading or paying fully or buying a new one. 4 days (currently 25 million) remain. After that, the Sion would not be produced at lesser. If he comes, then the financing will become legally binding.

Furthermore, more important for the potential, almost all EU countries are hardly on board, whereby the car would have a higher benefit there than in D-A-CH. For example, marketing may not have been exhausted across the EU at all; there in the south, where the PV can play its role much better as a unique selling point with more sun and 220V availability for small businesses, transport and trade. 1 month more time might have done more here; there is further potential here.

4 days remain

Having a clear idea as an entrepreneur is good, I think Sono Motors has shown that; This has also brought success to others; but sometimes just at the last moment. That makes it exciting, especially because Sono Motors has not made it clear what will happen if the Sion is not produced.

With this in mind, pay your own Sion higher or full now, mine is # 3912. Or buy it new. More in the video.

Live the risk, otherwise the risk lives you, in the future.