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Agile project management and requirements engineering

are our consulting priorities since 2006.

As ICT consultants we are PMI-ACP®, HERMES, CPRE-FL, OUCP-F certified, we consult in projects and conduct webinars and seminars on all these topics.

You need digital, agile and methodical transformation, so we are the right contact for you.

Technology, architecture and development

leads to success in your projects because we know it.

You have to carry out a patent development or want to carry out product development?

We start ventures, which we lead to investment maturity or product maturity.

We develop your prototypes in the field of sensors, actuators, processors, network and blockchain.

Publications, lectures, webinars

are our organ with which we put our competence to the test and pass it on.

We often market our ventures, products and services through webinars.

More and more we use live streaming in front of a large audience to reach the world with ideas.

Organized in professional associations, we are co-initiator of events.


Agility, Methods

Methodically supported procedures and practically tested procedures of product, system and software development are essential for long-term success.

The success of introducing agile approaches and life-cycle procedures is highly dependent on experience.

We are working on virtual certification preparations for PMI ACP®.

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Comprehensive training, experience, experience and in-depth knowledge of product, system and software engineering processes are essential to long-term success and are its enablers.

The success of introducing agile, modern and model-based procedures and architecture and coordinated procedures in engineering or prototyping makes us special.

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Model based Engineering

Agile, visual, model-driven techniques of requirements engineering and design thinking allow for fast, sustainable solution engineering, sustained maintenance of documentation and successful development of projects, products as well as embedding in ICT enterprise architectures.

We use agile modeling ourselves.

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We specialize in designing, prototyping and converting sensors, processors and actuators for automation and IoT into a product.

We work with mobile devices, microcontrollers, electronics and 3D printing to build prototypes that allow use in the target environment. These can be one-time copies or precursors of products.

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Sono Sion

We bought a Sono Sion quite early. The Sion is a mobile platform that is partly open-source in nature and well-suited for the development of new technologies.

Products based on this include eMobility, Energy, Behavior, Traffic Control, Autonomous Driving, Multi purpose uses, Deep Learning, AI, and more. We look forward to the Sion. Visit our friends page.

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Competent, networked components bring together environmentally friendly, sustainable technologies and products related to energy and ensure efficiency.

We advise, distribute and implement these technologies and products together with you. We develop neuroc, an energy regulator that works on a neuronal basis.

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The Blockchain and their new technologies are enablers of new value chains and are only at the beginning of their development. The focus on transferring values over value chains are our priorities.

We consult, develop and implement these solutions, consisting Blockchain access and middleware technologies together with you.

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IoTangle – Sonsor Oracle

We develop technologies that create access and middleware for and on the basis of Blockchain / Tangle & Qubic.

We develop components that make intelligent sensors, actuators and processors or oracles suitable for Blockchain / Tangle and their data marketplaces. We develop these IoT components, logic, oracle and connect them to the network.

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my Ears and Eyes

myE&E sense is a product that enables the visually impaired to haptically detect objects in front of and above the white cane.

myE&E is a mobile app that gives the hearing-impaired a communication via an interpreter and the visually impaired to lend an intelligent, virtual eye.

myE&E haptic provides the haptic language for visually impaired people.

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You want more agility, quality and safety in the project business

You want more agility, quality and safety in the project business!
Let’s get in touch – we’ll talk about how we can support you.

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Sustainable Development Goals

January 17th, 2020|

The identified areas of our work can be abstract covered by: Wearable devices for visually impaired people, Systems that generate, distribute and store decentralized energy efficiently, IoT as a general means to support efficiency in creation, growth and transport of goods and mobility, sometimes to manifest the value chain and truth with blockchain means.

  • Campagne #staysono

Sono Sion Funding Campaign of € 50 Mio.

January 17th, 2020|

Do you want a spacious car for your family or small business, that can charge up to more than 30 km/day with photovoltaics and has a range of about 250 km, has a quick charger and has two 220V mobile sockets for electric devices on board and is capable to buffer your house PV and electricity and has open source capabilities on repair and maintenance, then download the specification and find out about the Sion and the transparent concept of the Sono Motors company.

  • Campagne #staysono

Sono Sion at a crossroads

December 26th, 2019|

Sono Motors needs € 50 million and finds the way to finance again with the community. The path is good, it is open and honest, transparent and independent. But there is no time to collect enough. There are those who now top up properly or pay in full or buy now. 4 days (currently 25 million) remain.

  • Campagne #staysono
  • Sion von hinten

Sono Sion am Scheideweg

December 26th, 2019|

Sono Motors braucht 50 Mio. € und findet den Weg zur Finanzierung wieder bei der Community. Der Weg ist gut, er ist offen und ehrlich, transparent und eigenständig. Aber, es fehlt die Zeit, genug einzusammeln. Es gibt Sie, die jetzt ordentlich aufstocken oder voll bezahlen oder nun kaufen. 4 Tage (aktuell 25 Mio.) verbleiben.

Please contact me. I consult and realize projects successfully since 1983.

Frank H. Ritz
Frank H. Ritz
Managing Director, CEO, Founder


  • AWEL, Canton Zurich, Switzerland
  • BKW AG, Berne, Switzerland
  • BFS, Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • Caterpillar, Joliet IL, USA
  • Credit Suisse AG, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Dornier AG, Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • FCT AG, Radolfzell, Germany
  • Fraport AG, Frankfurt, Germany
  • KSTA, Kanton Zurich, Switzerland
  • Lufthansa, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Lufthansa Systems, Frankfurt, Germany
  • mtu Aero Engines AG, Munich, Germany
  • NASA, Huntsville AL, USA
  • Siemens AG, Basle, Switzerland
  • Swisscom AG, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Zurich Insurance, Zurich, Switzerland


  • Project Management
    (Agile, Hybrid, Traditional)
  • Requirements Engineering
    (Agile, Hybrid, Traditional)
  • Business Analysis
  • Methods- / Processmodel- Consulting
  • ICT – Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Model driven Product Development
    (UML/sysML, BPMN, System, Software)
  • C++, Java, node.JS, Python Development
  • Blockchain Architecture and Middleware
  • Prototypes (Software, Electronics, 3D Print)
  • Projects and Initiatives (Ventures)
  • Webinars / Trainings / Live Streams
  • Volunteering in business organizations
  • Organization of Events
… Dankbarkeit für Dein Commitment zu Netsafe ausdrücken! Nicht nur bist Du ein Schlüssel zum Erfolg sondern auch eine äusserst gute Seele im Team … . // 1.Mai 2013
Dr. Severin Waldis, BKW Energie AG
… Troughout the engagement Frank has demonstrated exemplary dedication and commitment not only to his immediate responsibility areas but also to the overall success of the project … // XING 13.Jan. 2010
Norbert Horvath, Accenture
… Mr. Ritz is a person I respect and recommend for his high level of professionalism and technical expertise. He continually strives to archive the best possible solutions within the frame typically set by a project, budget or time constraints. Apart from this I experienced him as a very professional and diplomatic person who seeks to involve all stakeholders and especially to develop his project teams. // XING 19.Jan. 2010
Hubert Meir, mtu Aero Engines
Frank hat ein hervorragendes Fachwissen und versteht es dies aufgrund seiner Erfahrung und Persönlichkeit im Projekt sehr effektiv einzubringen. // XR4U 20.Feb. 2012
Rainer Zahradnik, Fabio Di Flaviano, Credit Suisse AG