Sono Sion Funding Campaign of € 50 Mio. finally successful?

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Sono Motors needs € 50 Mio. 48 Mio. is already reached.

Sono Motors needs € 50 Mio. and finds the way to finance with the community and ist seems to be successful now. 3 days left !

Sono Sion started to completely change the financing of the Sion in early December 2019 and decided to fully involve the community instead of major investors. This crowdfunding campaign has now raised € 48 million. It is the largest or second largest campaign of its kind. There are now 2 days and a few hours left to invest in this extraordinary company and its product. If the marketing had been extended to the southern European countries months ago, that would be. the 50 million in your pocket long ago. Regardless, the potential is great and the community has shown that they want the Sion and the concept.

Do you want a spacious car

  • for your family or small business
  • quick charger, charges more than 30 km/day with built in PV
  • range of about 250 km
  • 220V mobile sockets for electric devices on board
  • capable to buffer your house PV and electricity
  • open source capabilities on repair and maintenance

then download the Specification and find out more about the Sion and the transparent concept of the Sono Motors company.

Watch the video below. It contains everything you need to know.

Go to Sono Sion

FYI – 50 Mio reached. #staysono, go.