Project Description

IOT Devices and Platforms

IoT   •   Platforms   •   Sensors   •   Actuators   •   Processors

We develop both experimental and production-ready solutions based on available sensors and ICT components for value chains.

By default, we have built our solutions on a full open source environment, but are also busy with other IoT platforms, such as Bosch, ThinkSpeak, Kaa and others.

IoT products

Our Sensors / Actuators / Processors (S/A/P) are all based on Arduino / ESP32 (WROOM) / ESP8266 technologies.

The development system is the Arduino IDE. By default, we offer the cheap open source PREM Mainflux IoT platform, which can also be hosted on your own Linux / Apache 2.0 servers.

The data concentrator is a Raspberry Zero W. We focus on C++, node.JS and MongoDB. LoRaWAN is the free TTN network.


The sensors are completely open source. Our solutions are too. We offer the following following measurements and evaluations:

  • Position, direction of movement and speed and acceleration
  • Movement profiles (crash, acceleration, destabilization pattern)
  • Power and energy cycles
  • Battery cycles (charging, consumption, regeneration)
  • Temperature, humidity, air pressure, light supply, light angle
  • Load-, switch- and passage- data
  • Heating, Cooling and air cycles
  • Dedicated power and energy consumption

These data can steer actuators and can be visualized in dashboards to be placed over time as well as over a map.


Our environment offers:

  1. An extremely affordable entry into IoT platforms and their experimental initial implementations
  2. a stable and production-ready environment for SMEs and medium-sized enterprises as well as large enterprises. It is a question of architecture, other protocols and integrations that should be supported.
  3. Favorable availability of S/A/P and means of communication associated with high availability of frameworks and software.

Additional Services

Our experience of designing products from experiments can include other services and experiences that make the range of services:

  1. the possibility to build the housing as DIN-housing for the rail mounting or shapely commercial housing over our 3D-Druck, in order to give your development also the right frame for your use cases.
  2. The development of our own hardware with reasonable effort through our suppliers, who take over everything from the production of the PCB, to the complete assembly and test from a single source. (see our product myE&E).
  3. The ability to sell your product with our experience through Kickstarter as a pre-sales and pre-financing environment.

Third-party products that we have integrated into our sensor portfolio

We can only integrate open source products or products with a very open interface, as this is our strategy. We currently include the following products:

  1. ruuvi tag ( is a temperature, air pressure, humidity and accelerator beacon.