Project Description

BIT-chain Products for Value Chains

Blockchain   •   Value Chain   •   Dashboard   •   Data Market

We develop both experimental and production-ready solutions based on available sensors and ICT components for blockchain based value chains.

By default, we have built our solutions on a complete open source environment.

We typically store IoT data and scores on IOTA or Streamr or your specific blockchain.

IoT – Blockchain Products

Our standard IoT platform is fully operational in the blockchain environment.

This platform is open source and thus flexible enough for us to store the data in the blockchain as early as possible and therefore to extract it as well.

Data Marketplace of the Sensors

The sensors are completely open source. Our solutions are too.

All sensors data of our IoT platform can be written into the blockchain and a data marketplace.

This data can be visualized in a dashboard and placed over time and over a map.