Project Description

Sono Sion eMobility and IoT Lab

Sono Sion   •   eMobility   •   IoT   •   Lab
  • What if you are interested in true eMobility data and analysis, possibly in real time, and nearly all data a car can produce.
  • What if you like to get better insights of the behavior of people using a electric car and how they get disciplined to charge, using the capabilities like photovoltaik efficiently to charge for free?

So many questions, but here is the answer.

eMobility and IoT Lab

This Sono Sion is fully stuffed by us with sensors and communication to measure nearly everything that can be measured at such a car and the people who drive and use the car. Like the car is open source, the Lab with sensors, data concentrator and IoT platform / Blockchain is open source too.

This unique car can be rented for 1 month and more and is immediately useable as far the car is delivered to us. We will begin in January 2020 to connect to Sono Motors to begin developing our sensors and communication. Please send us a business eMail .