Waiting for Sono Sion

Frank Henning Ritz
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Holz Sion - Wood Sion

The wait is worth it

We ordered a Sono Sion #3912. Sono Motors send us a “Holz Sion” with the order number. Thank you.

The car is an ideal platform for IoT and energy / engineering developments in this environment.

With a price of 16,000 EUR and the monthly lease of the battery, the vehicle is extremely interesting.

Why Sono Sion

With this car, we are getting for the first time a completely environmentally friendly vehicle as a platform (open source) provided, which will meet our requirements. We want to be the point of contact for Sono Motors and customers in Switzerland. We do not recognize bigger risks buying this car.

This car is new in design and interesting to all those who drive a daily average of 30-40 km, possibly not every day, and have no in-house chargers permanently available. We have this situation like many others. So we will enjoy to share our experiences and developments.

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